1. Miroslav Knežević, Medicinski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu, Klinika za očne bolesti KCS, Serbia

Aim To present number and types of ocular adnexal surgery performed by two surgeons in a two-year period at a single institution. Material and methods From total number of 16564 consecutive surgical procedures perfomed in a two-year period (January 2010 – December 2011) at the Clinic of Eye Diseases Clinical Centre of Serbia, inpatient surgical procedures were done on 5782 consecutive patients and, of these procedures, 1382 were done on ocular adnexa, and two surgeons (DMR and MK) performed 741 of it. All outpatient ocular adnexal surgery were excluded from the study, although a substantial number of ophthalmic plastic surgery was done as outpatient surgery. Results Among 741 procedures there were 45 (6,07%) orbitotomies, 41 (5,53%) orbital decompressions for Graves orbitopathy, 17 (2,29%) orbital exenterations, 74 (9,99%) enucleations with orbital implant, 36 (4,86%) eviscerations with scleral implant, 189 (25,51%) dacryocystorhinostomies (125 external, 48 endoscopic endonasal, 12 trans-canalicular laser-assisted), 20 (2,70%) lacrimal canalicular reconstruction after injury, 18 (2,43%) lacrimal probing in general anesthesia, 137 (18,49%) various eyelid tumours excisions with reconstruction, 115 (15,52%) various lid procedures (blepharoptosis, entropium, ectropium, dermatochalasis) and 49 (6,61%) other adnexal procedures (such as eyelids trauma, incisional biopsies, etc). Conclusion Adnexal procedures present 23,90% of all inpatient surgical procedures performed at the Clinic in two years and two authors performed 53,62% of all inpatient adnexal procedures.

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Conference: II Kongres oftalmologa BiH

Date: 26.04.2012.