1. Miroslav Knežević, Medicinski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu, Klinika za očne bolesti KCS, Serbia

Aim To present the indications, intraoperative and postoperative complications and final outcome of three surgical procedures performed in a two-year period, by one surgeon, at a single institution. Material and methods In a two-year period (January 2010 – December 2011) at the Clinic of Eye Diseases Clinical Centre of Serbia, 172 consecutive surgical procedures (108 enucleations, 46 evisceration and 18 orbital exenterations) were done and, of these procedures, one surgeon (DMR) performed 118. Results Among those 118 (68,6%) procedures there were 72 enucleations with orbital PMMA implant accomplished by myoconjunctival technique, 32 eviscerations with scleral PMMA implant, and 14 eyelid-sparing orbital exenterations. Enucleations and orbital exenterations were done mostly in general anesthesia (two enucleations and one exenteration were done in local anesthesia), eviscerations were done in a vast majority of cases in local anesthesia (all except one, performed in general anesthesia in a young patient). The main indications were: for enucleations, uveal melanoma and a long-standing, severe, mostly painful eyeball atrophy/phthisis; for evisceration, perforating corneal ulcers in blind eyes, painful intractable glaucoma in blind eyes, severe panophthalmitis or endophthalmitis; for exenterations, orbital invasion by eyelid, conjunctival and uveal malignant neoplasm. Conclusion Procedures were done with minimal non-significant intraoperative complications (partial orbital hematoma in eight cases not compromising implantation and “loss” of one muscle suture in two cases of enucleations; evisceration and exenterations were done without intraoperative complications) and also with non-significant number of postoperative complications (partial migration of an orbital implant after enucleation in one case and extrusion of scleral implant after evisceration in two cases; exenterations were done without postoperative complications), and with a highly acceptable final cosmetic outcome.

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Conference: II Kongres oftalmologa BiH

Date: 26.04.2012.